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Untangle 3D is a puzzle game published by Funtory
Untangle 3D is a puzzle game published by Funtory

Untangle: Tangle Rope Master

Puzzle - Free

Move the ropes and untangle them. This game is harder than it looks!
Untangle will hook you for hours.
Think fast, Untie & Untangle!
With the Untangle game, you have to sort all the colored ropes, but be careful not to get tangled! Just untangle them all, relax your brain, and have "quadruple" your fun!
You need to be a strategist!
You can take your sweet time to undo the ropes, try out different strategies, and see which works best.
By playing Untangle, you will sharpen your brain and make you think faster and better.


3.6 Rating


It's pretty fun.The game is easy at first, but does continue to become more challenging.

Wang Wai

This is a great game! The game is a different type of puzzle game and somewhat fun for me.

Jose Pablo

Untangle is fun. Well it's better than untying a real knot in your shoe lase. the graphics are very good.

Priya Gunga

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