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Breaking Fall: Epic Bone Blast

Simulation - Free

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Have you ever been that mad when you wanted to break some bones? "Breaking Fall" is the answer!
Are you ready to become the next master in Breaking Bones?

Welcome to this entertaining and stress-relieving game, "Breaking Fall"

Throw the character off the roof, High buildings, Sky scratches, and many more incredible places.
Attempt to injure him in the most destructive way.
How to cause severe damage?

Find the best angle of the strike to break as many bones as possible.
The more harm you cause, the more points you get.
So what? You can unlock new cool characters to destroy!
Take your anger out on him and feel awesome :)
You would not regret it!


5.0 Rating


This is a great game with Simple, quick, fun game play.

Alec Rogers

This game seems good for people who like bungee jumping from large buildings!

John Rogan

I like this because it makes me feel better about my friend who didn't make it and jumping like flying birds!

Ricky Dominguez

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