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Fashion Store: Shop Tycoon

Casual - Free

Have you ever thought about having your fashion store?
Looking for an engaging fashion game?
You've got the whole store in your hands!
Build, sell, create your fashion world and become the fashion tycoon!
A fashion store is given to you. You need to do whatever you can to make the highest profit!
Are you up to the challenge?
Creating a fashion world isn’t easy, but it’s certainly a whole load of fun!
Your mission is to attract as many customers as possible!
So, create your own shop layout! Sell, gain and make profits from your operations to expand your shop!
Easy to play, challenging to master!
Simple rules but very attractive
Unique Game-play



What an addictive game! it is so nice game for those people who watch anime!

Max Ottis

this is really addictive! i liked the snake man its Handsome!

Charlie K

I loved it graphics textures and the monster are like some Pokemon.

Sofie Zacks

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