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1- Required SDKs

1-1. AppLovin MAX

In MAX mediation, your ad requests are sent to multiple networks simultaneously so you can find the best network to serve the Ads to.
Implementing MAX mediation along with the adaptors of other Ad Networks:
AppLovin Max for Unity
Note: Please ensure that all the iOS sections of the document are followed:
iOS 14 Support
iOS 15 Global SKAdNetwork Reporting

Once it’s implemented correctly, you will need an AppLovin SDK key that we provide to you.


1-2. Required Ad Networks:

  • Admob

  • IronSource

  • Liftoff

  • Meta

  • Unity Ads

  • Adcolony

  • Digital Turbine Exchange

  • Mintegral

  • Pangle

  • AdTrue (Premium Ads)

  • Appbroda (Google Ad Manager)  

As you can see in the picture below, you will need the Google Ad Manager App ID that we provide to you.  Besides, you  can install all mentioned ad network plugins easily from Unity.






2-Monetization Debugger

A test version of the Mediation Debugger is required to ensure that MAX mediation is implemented and operated correctly.
Please download the following test version:
Mediation Debugger
Once you've downloaded the Mediation Debugger, open your Unity project and double-click to import the files.


3-1. IAA (In-app advertising)

The game will include three types of ads (banners, interstitials, and rewarded) one zone for each type.
A process must be designed and implemented in the game so that all 3 zones are always ready to be displayed, it means an advertisement must be received from the SDK mediation and displayed when necessary.

(and after the display, a new advertisement will be received again)
To begin the implementation process, first, our team needs a non-monetized build of the game to make it live on app store connect, then will send you Ad IDs in different formats, including:

3-2. IAP (In-app purchase)

You need to implement the unity IAP package as described in the link below:
Unity IAP document


4- Required Analytics & Attribution Services

4-1. AppsFlyer

A)To track users, you need to implement AppsFlyer.
Once it’s done, you will need an AppsFlyer Key that we will provide to you.


B)To track IAA revenue in AppsFlyer, you need to implement impression-level ad revenue SDK according to the links below:  
impression-level ad revenue SDK

Appsflyer unity adrevenue generic connector


C)Linking Console to AppsFlyer (For IAP included games only)

For the AppsFlyer section, in addition to implementing its own SDK, take this step as well (only if the game included In-App Purchase).

That’s for linking the console to AppsFlyer so that all the income of the purchases from the console is reported to the tracker.
In-app purchase (IAP) and subscription revenue solution


4-2. Firebase

You will need to Implement Firebase SDK. We will provide you with a GoogleService-Info.plist file so you can move forward:

A)Download the plist file we sent you,  
Afterward, open the project window in your unity project, then move your configuration file(s) to the asset folder.
B)In your open Unity project, navigate to the following path:  
Assets > Import Package > Custom Package
In the unzipped SDK, look for the products that support Firebase and you would like to integrate them into your application.
Add the Firebase package for Google Analytics:



5. Final step to show ads

To change the App Store Connect website address to the publisher's website:


Publishing Guide for Developing iOS with Funtory
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