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Color Pillar is casual game published by Funtory
Color Pillar is a casual game published by Funtory

Color Pillar: Stack Game

Casual - Free

If you enjoy puzzles and action, this game is addictive for you.
Every level has new colors and new obstacles to avoid.
Get diamonds through obstacles and use them to increase your strength and speed.
At the end of the level, you have to tap as fast as you can to boost your speed and kick the stack to get BONUS.
Cautious: Every time you go with the wrong color you'll lose points!


3.8 Rating


It's a perfect game for me by relaxing my times while I'm resting & listening to my music.

Omar Zaine

I really like it, especially the sound effects and colors. Love when the colors changed.

Jay Jay

This game is very satisfying and very addictive. I love it when the man kicks the Pillar, I love It!

Danni Lopez

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