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Switch Wheel: Race Master

Casual - Free

In Switch Wheel, you will choose to drive by which vehicles for each type of road.
Cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and other various machines work differently.
Choose between being powerful or fast to beat your opponent. Tap the screen selections for each vehicle to switch.

Win easily! By earning coins through the game and leveling up, You can also upgrade and change
the colors of your wheels to your favorite ones.

Your time limit is your competitor, so you should choose a machine perfectly to quickly get to the end of the road.

Prove to the rest of the competition that you are number one in Switch Wheel!




What an addictive game! it is so nice game for those people who watch anime!

Max Ottis

this is really addictive! i liked the snake man its Handsome!

Charlie K

I loved it graphics textures and the monster are like some Pokemon.

Sofie Zacks

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