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1- Required SDKs

1-1. Admob Mediation

Admob Network and other advertising networks, along with
Admob campaigns, can all be displayed in this feature. In AdMob Mediation, your ad requests are sent to multiple networks simultaneousl
y so you can find the best network to serve your ads to. This maximizes your fill rate and revenue.
Mediation | Unity | Admob


1-2. Required Ad Networks

Implementing Admob mediation along with the adapters of other advertising networks:
Choose networks | Unity | Google for Developers


  • Admob

  • IronSource

  • Liftoff

  • Adcolony

  • Meta

  • Mintegral

  • Pangle

  • Tapjoy

  • Unity ads

  • AppLovin

  • AdTrue (Premium Ads)

  • Appbroda (Google Ad Manager)

As you can see in the picture below, you will need the Google Ad Manager App ID that we provide to you.  Besides, you  can install all mentioned ad network plugins easily from Unity.







2- Ad Inspector (Former Mediation Test Suit)

Mediation Test Suite is deprecated in favor of Ad inspector and is to be sunsetted on September 30, 2023.  
Test your app with Ad inspector - Google AdMob Help



3-1. IAA (In-app advertising)

The game will include three types of ads (banners, interstitials, and rewarded) one zone for each type.
A process must be designed and implem
ented in the game so that all 3 zones are always ready to be displayed, it means an advertisement must be received from the SDK mediation and displayed when necessary.
(and after the display, a new advertisement will be received again)
To begin the implementation process, first, our team needs a non-monetized build of the game to make it live on app store connect, then will send you Ad IDs in different formats, including:


***The Final Step To Show Ads***
Change the Google Play Store Connected website address to the publisher's website:


3-2. IAP (In-app purchase)

You need to implement unity IAP package as described in the link below:
Unity IAP document

4- Required Analytics & Attribution Services

4-1. AppsFlyer

A)To track users, you need to implement AppsFlyer.
Once it’s done, you will need an AppsFlyer Key that we will provide to you.


B)To track IAA revenue in AppsFlyer, you need to implement impression-level ad revenue SDK according to the links below:  
impression-level ad revenue SDK

Appsflyer unity adrevenue generic connector


C)Linking Console to AppsFlyer (For included games only)
For the AppsFlyer section, in addition to implementing its own SDK, take this step (only if the game has In-App Purchase).
That’s for linking the console to AppsFlyer so that all the income of the purchases from the console is reported to the tracker.
In-app purchase (IAP) and subscription revenue solution


4-2. Firebase

You will need to Implement Firebase SDK. We will provide you with a GoogleService-Info.json file so you can move forward:

A)Download the JSON file we sent you,
Afterward, open the Project window of your Unity project, Then move your configuration file(s) to the Assets folder.
B)In your open Unity p
roject, navigate to the following path:
Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
In the unzipped SDK, look for the products that support Firebase and you would like to integrate them into your application.

Add the Firebase package for Google Analytics:
Get started with Google Analytics for Unity
Add Firebase to your Unity project


4-3. Editor Access

Please give us Google Play Console edit access to the following email so that our marketing team can upload icons, edit store descriptions, and other things directly:



5. Marketing Requirements

5-1. App Icon

The app icon should preferably be three-dimensional, similar to the one currently in the store. If it incorporates other color combinations, please provide them as well.

  1. Transparent PNG or JPEG

  2. 512 PX by 512 PX

  3. Up to I M


5-2. Screenshots

Screenshots of the application's interface in the highest possible quality, various screenshots from different sections, and every unique feature of the app should ideally have a corresponding screenshot.

Approximately 15 to 20 screenshots in both landscape and portrait orientations.

  1. Upload 2-8 phone screenshots

  2. PNG or JPEG

  3. 16:9 for landscape (minimum 1920x1080px)

  4. 9:16 for portrait screenshots (minimum 1080x1920px)

5-3. Feature Graphic Snapshots

Feature graphic image of the application, which serves as a cover for the video in the Google Play console and represents and introduces the app.

The specifications are as follows:

  1. PNG or JPEG

  2. 1,024 PX by 500 PX

  3. Up to 1 MB


5-4. Banner for the campaigns

please provide at least 2 design variations in the following 3 sizes, totaling a minimum of 6 banners to be submitted:

  1.  1200W x 628H

  2.  1200W x 1200H

  3.  1200W x 1500H

If there are important and key slogans, they should be used in the banner. The banner should not have any call-to-action buttons, only the name of the app and its short slogan.
You should send us the crucial slogans in a separate message.
 Note: There shouldn't be any call-to-action buttons in the screenshots, such as "Play Now, “Try Now," or "Start Now."
Please upload all the assets whose dimensions are given below according to the requested format in Google Drive and give access to the marketing team.

5-5. Promotion Videos

Promotion video and campaign videos: The maximum duration for this video should be up to 30 seconds. It should showcase the user's experience with the app, highlighting the engaging gameplay section and incorporating all the features. Approximately 80% of the video should demonstrate the user's experience while using the app, providing the best sensory representation of the space. The promotional feature should be highlighted in the video and should be concise.
Please provide a minimum of 4 variations of the video, with each variation in 3 sizes:

  1. 16:9 and 9:16 in landscape orientations

  2. 16:9 and 9:16 in portrait orientations

  3. in square format

(Totally 12 videos)

Please upload all the assets whose dimensions are given below according to the requested format in Google Drive and give access to:

6. Version Naming

Please pay attention to the things that help us to archive the sent versions for the naming of the versions.
The bundle number, code version, and the name of the game or app along with the store should be included in the file name.

For example,
Jumpdunk_Store name_505.1070
505 = version name
1070 = version c
ode (bundle version code in unity)

Afterward, Please send outputs to us for testing.
Finally, after
confirmation from the Publishing team, you can upload the new version of the AAB file to your Play Store Account.

7. Quality Assurance Process

Our QA team will check an APK version, for gameplay and performance levels. If there is a problem, we will notify you and you should take action to solve the problem and send a new version.


8. Final Checklist

Please copy this checklist and share it to
We ensure all steps are completed and we don't miss any guidelines.
Final Checklist

9. Transferring The Game To The Publisher's Account

Please note that this part is only once the game successfully passes the test and both parties sign the publishing contract
Form for transferring the game to the publisher's developer account on Google Play:
By filling out the form below, it should be transferred to the publisher's developer account.
Transfer apps to a different developer account - Play Console Help

Dest Trans ID: This will be provided to you with the ID after passing the soft launch

Publishing Guide for Developing Android with Funtory
Publishing Guide for Developing Android with Funtory
Publishing Guide for Developing Android with Funtory - Quality Assurance Process
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