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Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder

Action - Free

Vacuum Hero An absolute fun and creepy game. you have never felt the same before!
There are so many enemies all around the room! You have to kill every single of them to pass the level. If they see you, they can kill you!
But don't worry... enemies have a limited viewing angle. Move wisely and sneak into the hall, surprise them by killing 'em in different ways.
Clean the mess after murdering, earn their money and run to the elevator.




4.4 Rating

It's nice,simple and satisfying to play


Hilary Owiredu


 its so funny cuz you get to be a killer vacuum. amazing an so funny its got clean mode  and in kill mode it has all the weapons chasing him

Bailey Bruner


it was really fun and really chill. It's just a simple game about being a killer Roomba

Peach Tree


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