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Flying Road

Driving - Free

Jump Up on Crazy Games

Are you a good driver?🚛
You have one mission!
Drive carefully to deliver the packages lossless!
So simple! Just tap & drag to draw the road to deliver the packages!
Bring more packages to unlock new trucks.
Only 1% can reach the finish!💥
As you start playing, it gets harder and harder!
Are you ready for a master driving challenge?
Be careful! On your way, there are so many exciting obstacles to survive!
It will be so relaxing and satisfying when packages are delivered lossless, and you will become hills master!
This game is like a driving challenge, thinking fast is essential!
There is no time for any errors! You need to pass so many challenging obstacles to finish your driving mission!


5.0 Rating


This is a great game with Simple, quick, fun game play.

Alec Rogers

This game seems good for people who like diving games And makes you feel that you're driving in real life!

John Rogan

I like this because it makes me feel better about my friend who didn't make it and we drive just like Flying Hills!

Ricky Dominguez

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