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Unleashing Seasonal Halloween Success: Decoding Our Winning Strategy

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Seasonal events, from annual observances to cultural celebrations, present a prime opportunity for mobile games to boost player engagement and drive revenue. This article delves into the impact of Halloween on user acquisition (UA), focusing on data from four games: 'My Monster Pet: Train & Fight,' 'Jump Up 3D: Basketball Game,' 'Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder,' and 'Slime Conquer: Epic Battles.' The study concentrates on strategies employed during Halloween week, examining changes in store appearances, themes, and the influence of campaign assets like banners and videos. Notably, the 'My Monster Pet: Train & Fight' campaign stands out,Spurring a focused analysis of its unique dataset. The analysis centers on two campaign aspects: altering store appearances related to occasions and optimizing campaign assets.

ASO Store presences

To attract new users during the peak season, optimizing your app store presence is vital. This involves customizing app icons to reflect seasonal updates and creating a sense of urgency through limited-time offers. Additionally, updating app screenshots, showcasing holiday-themed features, and introducing new gaming characters can significantly impact user engagement and conversions.

Changing Icon

Several significant changes have been implemented in the game's store listing, taking various factors into consideration. With the alterations made, favorable results were achieved from the adaptation of icons to suit the Halloween occasion. The positive impact of the changes made to the icons is evident in the images, contributing to increased user engagement for the games.

Considering the necessary changes in the store, a custom Halloween-themed store listing has been created, incorporating icons, banners, and videos designed in line with the Halloween occasion and the gaming atmosphere. Observations and results were compared in terms of conversion rates for the My Monster Pet, in the context of the store's presence.
During the period of the store's existence, significant alterations were implemented, and corresponding outcomes were noted relative to a 14-day period preceding this intervention. In the case of the game My Monster Pet, there was a notable increase of 7.8% in the conversion rate.These modifications encompassed a comprehensive redesign of visual elements such as icons, banners, and videos, all tailored to align with the thematic context of Halloween and the immersive gaming environment. The impact of these alterations was assessed through the lens of conversion rates, providing insights into the effectiveness of the store's updated aesthetics on user engagement and conversion behavior for the specified games.


Campaign Contents:

Improving UA campaign performance entails leveraging data, seasonal trends, and content relevance. Our gaming campaigns incorporated changes in both content and visuals. To precisely evaluate the impact of Horror-themed content, we established separate ad groups for each campaign, allowing for a detailed comparison and heightened sensitivity to data. This approach yields valuable insights into the influence of Halloween-themed content on the gaming landscape, contributing to a comprehensive understanding within the gaming blogosphere. 

Creative Assets Alignment

Aligning ad group content with the overarching Halloween theme had a transformative effect. Ad groups that incorporated cohesive and consistent Halloween messaging achieved a remarkable 25% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to those with generic content. The seamless integration of ad creatives and in-app content played a crucial role in captivating user attention.


Despite the initial increase in cost, the impact on Lifetime Value (LTV) was remarkably positive. Users acquired through Halloween-themed campaigns demonstrated a” 30%” longer average user lifespan compared to non-themed counterparts for Monster. This surge in user engagement resulted in a significant enhancement in LTV, highlighting the long-term value potential of Halloween-themed strategies.

Engagement time:

One of the most remarkable observations during Halloween-themed campaigns was the extension of average user engagement time. Users interacting with Halloween-themed content spent, on average, an additional 10 minutes within the app compared to standard periods. This increase in engagement time signifies not only heightened interest but also a more immersive and captivating user experience.


During Halloween week, our campaigns underwent a significant transformation by introducing Halloween-themed content, including visuals, ad copy, and thematic consistency. This strategic integration created an immersive user experience, utilizing seasonal keywords for enhanced visibility in relevant searches. Despite keeping other variables constant, the revenue showed a remarkable 7% growth, solely attributed to the changes in content and optimization. This success underscores the effectiveness of aligning content with the Halloween spirit, demonstrating how thematic engagement can translate into tangible financial success and resonate positively with users, elevating overall performance.

Final Thoughts:

This analysis not only highlights the influence of Halloween-themed content on app metrics but also emphasizes the importance of comprehending user behavior during seasonal events in the ever-changing realm of mobile apps. As we bid farewell to Halloween, let the insights gained from this haunting season shape our future strategies in the dynamic realm of mobile app marketing.

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